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Workshop 'Tracing (Counter)Revolutions in Energy Politics, Logistics Infrastructures and Environmental Landscapes: Race, Finance and Green Tech in the MENA and beyond'

During this workshop participants discussed environmental and energy politics in the MENA and beyond, with a particular focus on questions of race, finance and green tech.
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Special Issue launch 'Authoritarian power and contestation beyond the state'

In this online event, Dr. Rafeef Ziadah, Prof. Natalie Koch and Prof. Marlies Glasius will provide feedback and comments on the recently published Globalizations Special Issue on 'Authoritarian power and contestation beyond the state', edited by Dr. Julia Gurol, Dr. Alke Jenss, Dr. Fabricio Rodríguez, Dr. Benjamin Schuetze & Cita Wetterich.
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Public Lecture by Dr. Rafeef Ziadah on 'Logistical hierarchies and new forms of resistance in and through the Arabian Peninsula'

This lecture examines how the Arabian Peninsula, with its strategic location at the intersection of global trade routes, has become a key site for the development of transport infrastructures and the consolidation of logistical hierarchies.
Protests in Tunis, March 2022. © Hasan Mrad/shutterstock

Online seminar by Dr. Benjamin Schuetze on 'Renewable Energies, Renewed Authoritarianisms? The Political Economy of Solar Energy in the MENA'

Focusing on efforts at transregional electricity grid integration between the EU and the MENA, and on the rapid expansion, but then sudden halt of renewable energy projects in Jordan, this IASS-facilitated online presentation explores how efforts at energy transition reshape established authoritarian practices.
Image of protests against Siemens in Western Sahara

Workshop on 'Renewable Energies, Renewed Authoritarianisms?' and public lecture by Prof. Dr. Natalie Koch and Dr. Hamza Hamouchene

During this international 2-day workshop, which included a public lecture by Dr. Hamza Hamouchene (TNI) and Prof. Dr. Natalie Koch (Syracuse), participants explored questions of sustainability, climate change, energy colonialism and extractivism.