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Workshop 'Tracing (Counter)Revolutions in Energy Politics, Logistics Infrastructures and Environmental Landscapes: Race, Finance and Green Tech in the MENA and beyond'

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Much writing on environmental politics, food sovereignty and efforts at energy transition in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) gives only marginal importance to questions of race, class, gender and (neo-)colonialism. In doing so, such writings tend to normalize and perpetuate the hierarchies of power that have caused the global climate crisis and that shape everyday lived experiences of it, as well as ongoing efforts at addressing it. This workshop addressed this gap, engaging political economic approaches to race to understand and unpack the many entanglements between energy politics and environmental landscapes, particularly the lingering dominance of fossil fuel industries and their role in renewable energy transitions. It probed how the colonial durabilities and racial hierarchies that organize Middle East capitalism(s) enable regional authoritarian elites and the international institutions and policies of global neoliberal capital to enshrine these entanglements; and how such entanglements structure the closely related and ever-expanding fields of agribusiness and food security.